Mold Removal JobI’ve never met a person that has owned a home for more than 10 years that hasn’t experienced a mold contamination issue. I realize that not all mold is dangerous, but the situation can get pretty dicey when it is the result of a water damage issue.

Black mold is nothing to play with. Get educated and get it removed. [/box] Here’s how the scene usually plays out. The homeowner goes on a vacation for an extended period of time. During that time period, a pipe bursts and leaks water all over the floors, soaking the carpeting or ruining the wooden flooring. Since the homeowner isn’t present, nobody is there to shut off the water. When he/she returns home, they find a monumental mess. The first thing they do is call they’re insurance company, which directs them to seek the help of certain vetted water removal companies. With some luck, the company they choose to hire is also proficient in mold removal.

As that water sits there, it starts to become stagnant. In the case of a backed up toilet, it can be extremely dangerous water, full of bacteria and pathogens. The main focus is always to remove the water first and dry the property. But what happens after the property is dried and the company packs up to leave? This is when the mold will begin to proliferate. I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

If the company the homeowner hired are true professionals, they will be using hygrometers and moisture meters to determine whether the home is dry. But even then, the odds of having mold are incredibly high. If the company has trained mold remediation technicians on staff, then they can apply some chemicals to lessen the chances of mold getting out of hand.

Mold is horrible for two general reasons. First, it can lead to some nasty health issues. Even the moderate health issues are no fun. The other reason is that it can be costly to remove, especially if you’re not aware that it’s there. Or, perhaps you ARE aware it’s there, but you like to procrastinate in taking action. Now that hidden intruder is a real bitch to get rid of. It’s not that it’s difficult to remove. It’s that it’s costly. In some cases, very costly.

Black mold is something you have to take very seriously. As mentioned previously, it can lead to certain health issues. What are some of the symptoms to be aware of? Here are a few…

1.) Shortness of breath

2.) Red and itchy eyes

3.) Consistent sneezing

4.) Brain fog

5.) Above normal levels of fatigue

6.) Runny nose

7.) Congestion

Mold Remediation in HomeNow that you’ve addressed the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s time to pay attention to the state of your property. If mold is allowed to grow and infiltrate for long enough, it can get into structural materials. If this happens, there is a high likelihood that building materials will have to be torn out and replaced. This only increases the price of the mold removal work, and lengthens the time you will be out of your home.

Mold can be quite harmful to your health and can even damage your property. That’s why it is a good idea to learn about the different types of mold, so you can identify them when you see one. There are many occasions when a homeowner will experience a flood or perhaps some roof damage, and they’re left with stagnant water all over their home. Their first thought is to get the water cleaned up. But, more often than not, they’re forgetting that there is a good chance that mold will form once the water is gone.

This can be circumvented by hiring the right contractor to clean up the water. They will apply certain anti-fungal chemicals to the surfaces of your home in an attempt to stop the mold from growing and spreading. If this doesn’t work, they will have to draw up a mold removal schedule and plan. Strict protocols will have to be followed in order to properly mitigate the situation.