Toxic Green MoldMold gets commonly found in most homes and for the most part, their presence is benign. However, there have been several cases where the toxic variety got found. Hence, the following symptoms should not be ignored as they can cause serious and sometimes even fatal problems…

Sinus Problems
One common symptom indicating exposure to toxic mold or mold poisoning is problems with the sinuses, such as headaches, nasal congestion, or a runny nose. But non-toxic mold can also cause these symptoms, so get it checked as soon as possible.

Dizziness spells
Bouts of dizziness or feelings of light-headedness also indicate that one is suffering from the presence of old in the home. This symptom often accompanies sinus problems mentioned above. When this happens, it means that the toxins from the mold spores are being spread all throughout the body.

Sore throat and coughing
A cough that doesn’t go away even after several days of medications can also be a mold poisoning symptom. As it is, fungi cause throat irritation and chronic coughing, and if these conditions persist, it can be a sign that the mold is toxic, or it’s a case of mold poisoning. Visit your doctor immediately.

Most mold is harmless. However, if you experience any of these symptoms and also have identified the presence of mold in your home, it’s important to get the mold removed immediately.

Sinus Issues from MoldAsthma attacks
While the exact cause of asthma still needs to be pinpointed, exposure to mold for a significant period, especially during one’s early years, has been determined to be one of them. Exhibiting asthma symptoms can indicate the presence of toxic mold in the home.

Hives and skin rashes
Some people experience rashes appearing on their skin upon exposure to toxic mold. This happens due to the skin’s natural reaction to the toxic mold, or another unavoidable mold poisoning symptom. Hives and rashes on the skin should be checked by a doctor immediately.

Unexplained fatigue
If one is feeling lethargic or is tired all the time for no apparent reason, toxic black mold can be the culprit. Even if you have been eating and sleeping well, the toxins in the mood have a detrimental effect on the immune system, leading to one feeling unwell all throughout the day.

Trouble with memory and hearing
Once spores from the toxic mold are in the bloodstream, they can find their way into one’s respiratory system, and when they do it won’t take long before they affect one’s brain. For most people, this is manifested by unexplained memory loss or having trouble with hearing. This too gets considered and another unavoidable mold poisoning symptom.

Blood in the lungs
One of the most severe symptoms of toxic mold poisoning is the presence of blood in the lungs. Once you suffer bleeding in this vital organ, the damage from the gold’s toxins has reached a severe point, and hospitalization is a must.

Don’t wait for these symptoms of mold poisoning to appear. Once you find mold in your home, eliminate their presence immediately as well as the conditions that make it possible for mold to grow.